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Mystery of the Ministry

A Mystery of the Ministry

"And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach," Mark 3:14

The blood of Christ flows in the veins of love and charity of those who love God.

When men are willing to die rather than rule over their neighbor then they are not far from the kingdom of God.

The kingdom is based on a free state with all the right and power vested in each autonomous free family, yet those families are not really a "free association".

The congregation of the people are not a "body" because they do not pool or share their rights but remain free souls under God. If property or rights are held in common or even a mere free association all the members may be held responsible for the acts of the one.

This is why a Church congregation is not a free "association". Every family is autonomous and every family must work to make that so for every other family. The congregations would be a scattered flock under these conditions unless they were bound by love.

If they are to have separate representation as a nation in the world there must be a separate religious body representing the people. That body may be separate, titular, but whee to they get their right to represent?

Free will offerings

In the kingdom people do not give up their rights, they give up their rights to things. That which they give up is to be used by their minister to care for the needy of their congregations. What they offer for the welfare of their society is given to the ministers of their choosing. This is their election but to maintain autonomy and freedom what is given must be entirely given up.

That body of ordained ministers also are prohibited from exercising authority over the people, nor can the people exercise authority over that body of ministers except by their choice to support their work.

The ministers cannot declare war, make treaties, or do anything to return the people to the bondage of Egypt. Wealth and power remain in the hands of the people and only what the people give their ministers is under the authority of those ministers. By the nature of this relationship of liberty and choice the ministers and the people remain free.

This is the kingdom of God as taught by Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. The same precept of individual right to choose must exist even within the orders of the religious body. Each order is like a congregation of ministers. They are like a family of brothers. Orders are separate from each other except for a net work of charity and they are also separate from the congregations of the people.

Neither the Church established by Jesus Christ, nor the Church in the wilderness established by Moses ever stood between God and the people. They were to stand between the gods of the world and the people who were seeking the righteousness of God by living by faith, hope, and charity. The Religion of the "world" should have been for their welfare but has become a snare. But the welfare of God's kingdom sets men free. This is Pure Religion.

In the formation of a separate religious "body" as a titular representative of the people in congregation the members take on a common responsibility to feed and care for the people. The families in congregation remain autonomous. There has seen no other arrangement that can make the same claim of deliviering nations into freedom.

The ordained body of the ministers of the Church is not really a free association, but is actually a family of brothers who claim a spiritual Father who is outside the venue of any world system of man. Because of the absolute charity of the relationship between families and the religious bodies ordered according to the dictates of Christ are shielded from the foolishness of one. This is why religious bodies are small, like families. It is why their connection to other bodies in network are again dependent upon charity and love alone.

This system of individual brotherhood and responsibility has been unique throughout history. If applied to society with diligent and mutual love it may lead people to liberty under God. It is what should have been for our welfare that has become a snare therefore a welfare system based on faith, hope, and charity will set men free. There are many questions that need to be answered on this system since it has been absent from our understanding of the history of the Church.

If any family can exercise authority over another or any order can exercise authority over another an element of responsibilty attaches and all come into jeopardy of the few. In religious bodies or orders, if one member chooses to do something wrong or causes an injury to others all the members will suffer the sting of it with in that singular brotherhood.

So, if one member is negligent or fails to follow the ways of love without due consideration and communication with the brothers within the religious body, order, "family", said brotherhood, then he is ruling over his brothers by his negligence or wanton disregard for his brothers or their welfare and safety by subjecting them to dangers just so that he may do what he wants.

The mystery and miracle of the kingdom is to find those who can love their brothers and their neighboring brothers more than they love themselves... To find men and their families who are able to accept the responsibility of entering a religious order under the conditions laid down by Christ so that an entrance might be maintained to the kingdom of heaven is no small task. Jesus found less than 12.


Birth Records

Baptismal and Christening



These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people.

We also will require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses and a chain of agreement with in the record of the people.

Form a Church

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