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Church Identity Records

Church Identity Records

Identifying the Congregates of the people

These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church as "one form of government" and the natural right of all people to retain their rights and govern themselves in love and liberty. All governments identify their members, participants, constituents, or associates. The Kingdom of God, and the Church that serves it, from the ancient Levite to the bondservants of Christ, are no different in that respect.

The obligation and duty of the Church will often depend on these records as they are not only a tool in the fulfillment of its purpose, but they mark the corners posts of its obligations and services. They may also aid the congregations of the people in identifying one another for service and care in the daily ministration from congregation to congregation.

Like other governments the Church is dependent upon the people to identify themselves by bearing witness in service to each other and the communion of daily bread for the needy in congregation, by continuous record of support and mutual assurance, in brotherhood of a community of record in congregation, and the consistent display of diligent attention to the common purposes of the Kingdom of God as appointed by Christ and the exclusive enjoyment of the blessing of Our Father who art in Heaven.

Like others governments the Church is dependent upon two or more witnesses to establish a chain of authentication and the recording of that witness before a third party notary, the Ministers of the Church.

The minister of each congregation must submit and notarize the application of the people in a recorded chain of authentication for those who contribute and pray at its altars of freewill sacrifice. Those ministers in a mutual network of charity, in hope, and by faith form a peculiar people with Christ as their King and God as their Father. The whole network of the church does certify and monitor by the grace in our hearts the contiguous authenticity of the record of identification.

This requires personal discipline on the part of the people because, unlike other governments, the Church is prohibited from "exercising authority". While most governments bind the people through forms of allegiance established by oath, application, acceptance of benefits, and acquiescence, the Church establishes bonds of charity and hope, faith and love under the perfect law of liberty.

To remain loyal to the precepts of honor and love all forms of identification sealed through the family of the Church become as sacred as the gospel itself. It is essential that a Church and congregation of record work together to establish and maintain a uniform and consistent records system, verifiable on a national and international basis through that contiguous authentication of the whole Church as one body in and according to the purposes of Christ.

The Church appointed by Christ is first a spiritual and then social network fused by faith, hope, and charity under that perfect law of liberty. Everyone who loves Christ will seek to gather together and form those congregations of record to solemnize the record of their love for Christ and God the Father alone by loving one another as they love themselves.

Application will be submitted through your local Minister of Record, who is in good standing with the Church. A "Sample digital Copy" will be sent to the Minister for his approval and the approval of the applicant and then an instrument of identification will be delivered to the Minister and distributed to the applicant and member of the congregation.

"Member of the Congregation" means a regular and diligent participant in the lives of the congregation. Those who do not diligently seek to gather together in the character of Christ, to secure the blessings of liberty and life of others in mutual congregation will not have access to the gifts and testimony of the Church in the form of Church ID. Forms for individual ID, permissions, and passports will only be available through your local Church and congregation of record.

If you are not presently a member of an "active Church or congregation of record" you need to seek one out by establishing a consistent record with the Church according to the Biblical precepts of two or more witnesses, continuous faith, with mutual support, common sacrifice, forgiveness and thanksgiving.



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Maintaining a consistent and ongoing relationship with the Church and other congregations will be an essential part of the continued renewal of identification of individuals, congregations and Churches.

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