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Baptism Records

Baptism Records

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Baptism or public washing has always been an external ritual to signify the preparation for or the change of status of individuals and families. Moses used it, Herod used it, and the early Church used it. This ritual signified a major change and commitment to a new way. Baptism was an expression of a change of heart and direction. It represented dying to one way of life and a rebirth to another jurisdiction and an alternative society different from what people had been doing before. It required a solemn and knowing commitment.

Christening of children was also a common practice and was used to express dedication or an arrangement for the children. Because of the position of Parens Patria assumed by meany governments, it has been nessassary to designate who shall take over the care of the child in the case of parental incapacitation. If a record of the parent's intent was not established an authoritarian benefactor may assume that they have a right to parental or custodial determination.

Parents have the natural responsibility of keeping track of their family and designating the welfare and care of their family both while they live and by their testament.

Since pagan government operated by opposing principles no Christian desired that their children to be raised under forms of government that took away the right to choose or sustained themselves by forcing the contributions of people. Such systems were anti Christ.

This means to keep their families safe they would have to keep records in case they died or are incapacitated and were unable to care for their children. One such record is Christening or Baptism of Children during which sponsors are granted a first right claim to the care and adoption of a child in the event of parental disability.

Because they love their neighbor as themselves they should also participate equally in maintaining a chain of authentication of the records of their family and their neighbors' families to avoid disputes with foreign powers and princes, jurisdictions and legal systems.

This chain can only be done within communities bound by love consisting of families congregating together for mutual purposes of a godly society. Free societies manage to do this by voluntary customs and acts, while the systems of the world do it by covenant, application, and force.

The Church, as a service oriented "form of government", is dedicated to keeping the people free souls under God and knows that this is possible only if the people equally accept the responsibility for themselves and their neighbor according to the perfect law of liberty by faith, hope, and charity.

We provide a series of private and public methods and procedures, also called rituals and ceremonies, for families and communities to work together to make two and three party public records without diminishing or decreasing their rights endowed by God.

Baptismal Records:

Records need to form a chain of authentication with verifiable witness based on biblical and internationally accepted principles of law and well established legal concepts. Congregations of record, through a network of ministers, form a system of voluntary charitable uses which come together to all play a part in protecting the rights of parent and child alike.

The foundation of the Church is Christ and the foundation of society under God is the family living according to the Character of Christ.

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download pdf Forms of the Church are designed for congregations of record and can been set up to include any church within a network of churches of record which can be filled out on line in print ready form. Just contact us to include your local congregation. Also included in this packet are essays:

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Birth Information records



These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people.

We also will require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses and a chain of agreement with in the record of the people.

Form a Church

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