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Church Records

Church Records

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The Church was established by Jesus Christ. It was built upon the little rock of faith found in men and women who believe in Christ and the ways and Holy Spirit of Christ.

Christ came to serve, to set men free, and told us to love one another, as he loved us, as we love our selves, and not to covet each others right to property or exercise authority over one another's right to choose.

Those who have faith in that spirit of love and mutual service gather in His name, His character. Their actions in hope and charity become, by the grace of God, the substance of things not seen. It becomes faith.

The Church is the “body” or “corpus” of Christ only by His appointment. [1]

The Church, is a society appointed and established by Jesus Christ, for His purposes.[2]

There is only one Church because there is only one Christ. We do not establish the Church as much as we conform to Christ. In a general sense the Churcht includes the whole community of Christians, united in accordance with one form of government by faith, hope, and charity, under the perfect law of liberty.

The Church was Christ's appointed government which, unlike other governments, did not exercise authority one over the other. But in order for people to become a part of the Church from the point of view of the "world" there needs to be two or more people bearing witness, in word and deed, living in that "world" but not of it. [3]

These witnesses make a chain of record and authintication and establish the reality and truth of that Holy Spirit of Christ by that record. Every government keeps records for a purpose. The church does it to better serve and protect the liberty and God given rights of the people who seek that Kingdom of God's justice and mercy and the righteousness of God.

Those common purposes of men and their governments and the means by which they are fulfilled very from one form of government to another. Some governments keep records to bind the people under its authority. The Church, as one form of government, keeps records with the assistance of the people so that everyman remains a free soul under God the Father, who is the governing authority of all mankind.

The life blood of a nation is its families. Families are the foundation of every nation. The life blood of the Church is Jesus Christ, living in the hearts and minds of the people as families and free congregations of families who love Him and keep His commandments

These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people. The obligation and duty of the Church will often depend on these records as they are a tool in the fulfillment of its purpose, which was Christ's purpose.

We will, by the nature of things, require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the Kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses, who with the Church, form a chain of authentication by agreement of the record through the testimony of the people.

Records within the Church and congregations are created by voluntary acts of love and consideration of one for another. It is a result of people caring about their neighbors' rights as much as they care about their own. These records are an external record marking the boundaries and rights of society which bars usurpation or abuse while living in the "world" but also are a mark of faith, hope, and charity of the internal bond of love for one another.

Three Step Plan
Forming a Congregation of Record

  1. The people establish an Election of a minister by contributing a token gift to someone they believe to be a minister of God.
  2. That individual must give a sign of Acceptance before witnesses.
  3. That acceptance must be given a record of Recognition and Assignment by a third party minister who has already met the requirements of Christ.

This process forms a Congregation of Record by mutual witness of two or more people, individuals or groups. The making of a written record of this process with the forms provided becomes prima facia evidence to the world forming a boundary of protection of the congregation of the people, church, ministers, and a sacred network based on charity and love, of, by and for the people who serve and are served according to the precepts and purposes of Christ.

His Church Formation Packet

Individual Forms filled out on the net:

Declaration of Sacred Purpose

Notification of Ministry

Annual Report

More on Church formation.

Form a Church

Order The Free Church Report

The Free Church Report is a compilation of much of the information contained on this web site with an insightful examination of the early Church and how its activities relate to us today. We will be adding these articles and chapters in a study series as time and resources permit.



Birth Records

Baptismal and Christening



These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people.

We also will require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses and a chain of agreement with in the record of the people.


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