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Adoption Records

Adoption Records

Every Parent and Community

The life blood of a community is its children. If a parent is incapacitated so that they cannot raise their children someone in the community with similar values and a love and respect for the family should be called upon to raise the child in accordance with the values and precepts of the Family.

Some governments will attempt to assume aright over the child if the parents have not marked the boundaries of their family and their wishes with adequate documentation and records.

Birth, marriage, and Christening Records help establish the first right to parental or custodial determination and bars interference with other courts, governments, institutions and establishments.

Parents have the natural responsibility of designating the welfare and care of their family both while they live and by their testament.

Because they love their neighbor as themselves they should also participate equally in maintaining a chain of authentication of the records of their family and their neighbors' families.

This is done within the congregating of the people as they gather together for mutual purposes of society. Free societies manage to do this by voluntary customs and acts.

We provide a series of methods and procedures, also called rituals and ceremonies, for families and communities to work together to make two and three party records without diminishing or decreasing their rights endowed by God.

Birth Records

Baptismal and Chrisitening




These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people.

We also will require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses and a chain of agreement with in the record of the people.

Form a Church



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