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Inheritance Records

Inheritance Records

Death and Life

Deaths and births have been recorded by the Church for centuries. It is the job of the living to secure an orderly passing of inheritance from one generation to the other. Recording this landmarks in society is the responsibility of all its members to secure that orderly passing of the kingdom of God from generation to generation.

The Church, as a service oriented "form of government", is dedicated to keeping the people free souls under God and the ministers of the Church know that this is possible only if the people equally accept the responsibility for themselves and their neighbor according to the perfect law of liberty by faith, hope, and charity.

We provide a series of methods and procedures, also called rituals and ceremonies, for families and communities to work together to make two and three party records without diminishing or decreasing their rights endowed by God.

Some Documents that will support the process of maintaining the autonomy and health of a free family:

Birth Packet

Baptismal and Christening



These records are dependent on the separate and distinct nature of the Church and its ministers of the congregation of the people.

We also will require the formation of recognized congregations and Churches of Record based on biblical precepts of the kingdom of God, including two or three witnesses and a chain of agreement with in the record of the people.

Form a Church


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