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Brother Gregory


The author of Thy Kingdom Comes was born in America in 1948. His father was a practicing attorney and his mother the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. He grew up in southeast Texas and when he wasn't attending private school, he roamed the woods and bayous that meandered along the edge of that growing urban community.

As a young man, he entered the seminary where he studied Latin, Greek and Theology with a hunger for the truth. There he met a man who spent many years on the missions but no lived in the Vatican. His knowledge and understanding of the hidden manuscripts held for centuries within the catacombs of that ancient city, ignited a passion to know the truth.

Over the following decades he has continued a sacred quest for both the answers and the questions that have alluded mankind since he stepped out of the garden.

He Married his wife in 1973, and is the Father of 6 children and numerous grandchildren.

He has written several books on the history and nature of the kingdom of God on earth and man’s true relationship with the God of Heaven and earth or the gods of world. Other titles include The Covenants of the gods, Thy Kingdom Comes and The Free Church Report along with numerous pamphlets on the Bible, history and the righteous nature of the free Church and Christian Congregations. He is presently the Overseer of several Churches. He can also be heard on the Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcasts, or on audios available at hisholychurch.info website.

He now lives near Summer Lake, Oregon where he continues to care for his family, tending the flock of the Church, writing and preaching about the Gospel of the Kingdom of God at hand, spreading the Good News of that kingdom in spirit and truth for those who will seek it and the righteousness of it's LORD and Creator.

His Holy Church was established and appointed by Yeshua, a.k.a. Jesus, 2000 years ago. It is a part of God's kingdom at hand, functioning under the perfect law of liberty, by faith, hope and charity.









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