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CNNI Broadcast Spring 2010 TV

Brother Gregory was featured in a broadcast on CNN International
The Untold Story

On June 1, 2010
Brother Gregory is a shepherd and ministerr of His Holy Church who lives in the Oregon highdeserts.

CNNI Interview On June 1, 2010 - 9:52

The following video is the beginning of a story that appeared on CNNI's regular broadcast "The Untold Story".

On May 27, 2010 Brother Gregory: We have become a self-centered society.

The report "Christians Unplugged" was featured on CNN web site and then appeared on CNN International "World's Untold Stories" May 29, 2010.

Summer Lake, Oregon (CNN) -- As the sun rises, cool blues and grays begin their slow transition to glowing golds and ambers. Like a child's pop-up book, dimension is added and a valley is transformed. To look upon this beauty in the western U.S. state of Oregon is to understand what people mean when they say this is God's country, and that's exactly why Brother Gregory lives here. He is part of a wider movement of conservative Christians who are choosing to live their lives on the edge of society, unplugged from civilization as much as they can, living under basic biblical principles....

"We are not living off the grid as much as we are creating a new grid, a more wholesome grid," he said. "We are following a different path that we think is healthier, promotes better families, and better communities." He doesn't believe a church needs four walls and a roof. Rather, a church is people who believe in taking care of each other -- living under the biblical principles of faith, hope and charity...

"Christians should be looking for a way to take care of one another without forcing their neighbor to contribute to their welfare. In essence that's coveting your neighbor's goods through the agency of the governments you create."

"'His Holy Church' is a phrase. It's 'His', meaning Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ established the Church 2,000 years ago. It's 'Holy' because it's separate. It's separate from the world. It's in the world but not of the world. And it's a 'Church', which actually comes from the Greek 'ekklesia', meaning 'called out'. They're called out to do the will of Jesus Christ and the Father in Heaven." Brother Gregory, a shepherd in the literal sense... "Sheep teach the shepherd to be a good shepherd," he says, "and in that sense, that's what people need. They need a good shepherd who's not going to rule over them but guide them in the good ways, the ways of life."...

The full text of the Report is at: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/05/27/christians.unplugged/index.html


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Besides Brother Gregory's regular broadcasts

He has apppeared on other radio and TV show

“To Free America”
show with Randy Yarbrough at:

  • 3:00PM to 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time or
  •  4:00pm Mountain, or
  •   5:00pm Central, or
  •     6:00 Eastern
Listen on:

Also aired on the Internet at.
and also live feed at
May be rebroadcast on Saturday


Republic Broadcasting Network
On Phil Pozderac's POZitively Unconstitutional  show
special guest Brother Gregory
8:am to 10am PST
    9:am to 11am MST
        10:am to 12am  CST
             11:am to 1am PST


With Rick Johnson
DATE: 10 Aug 2010
"Do Christians Have the Right to Self Defense"

7:00pm—8:00pm, EDT
  6:00pm—7:00pm, CST
    5:00pm—6:00pm, MST
      4:00pm—5:00pm, PST.

Gregory interviewed on Pacifist Podcast

Ultimate Remedy
LIVE! Sunday:  8th of August 2010
6:00 EST | 5:00 CST | 4:00 MST | 3:00 PST

Repeat Saturday : 7:00 EST | 6:00 CST | 5:00 MST | 4:00 PST
Broadcasting the good news
More stations, Satellite , pod-casts, live streaming and more:
Go to First AmendmentRadio at:

July 11, 2010
Randy Maugans/Threshing Floor
Brother Gregory will do a show with Randy
The show will be available to download that morning.


July 7, 2010
The New World Order – Disorder
Your host is Gianni DeVincenti Hayes, Ph.D
Brother Gregory is interviewed for 2 hours.
8:00pm—10:00pm, EDT
  7:00pm—9:00pm, CST
    6:00pm—8:00pm, MST
      5:00pm—7:00pm, PST.

The American Voice can be heard on local stations and

- Galaxy 19 (Galaxy 25)
- Transponder 5
- Frequency 11836
- Symbol Rate 20.770
- PID 559 - Left Side Listener
- Call-In: Toll Free: 1-800-596-8191 or 1-541-826-9159
- Phone Bridge: 218-862-7200 Entry Code: 361113

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Messiah's Branch End Times Radio

Pastor Dan Catlin will interview Brother Gregory at:
9PM Eastern Time
   8PM Central Time
     7PM Mountain Time
        6PM Pacific Time
Talk Stream Live, and Pod-casts RSS feed of the show will be at:
National Satallite and Live on Net Worldwide

Also be heard on
Galaxy 19
Transponder 23
Frequency 12115
Symbol Rate 22.425
APID 2595 - Right Audio
Last weeks show can be downloaded at

The Ultimate Remedy

Will be Live on June 27th, 2010

Sunday : 6:00 EST | 5:00 CST | 4:00 MST | 3:00 PST


June 20th, 2010
Messiah's Branch End Times radio.
Pastor Dan Catlin interviewing Brother Gregory
Download the show at:


Keys of the Kingdom

Complete archives including podcast and itune links are at: http://www.keysofthekingdom.info/


Some Radio Archives

Air Date and Notes:

7/11/09 Talking about the ekklesia, the Church, the called out and who is the head of the Church with a peek at climate change, now and then. How selfishness and jealousy brings people into bondage in Egypt. FEMA vs FEMA False religion, corban, social security, making the word of God to none effect...Christ's government, how it works, and how it doesn't work. The Living Network and how it works. Birth certificates in Rome and the persecutions of Christians... Christians social services... Stoning the wicked.

7/18/09 What are names? Sophistry in language, God vs gods, Picture of the Kingdom - Ancient Israel, Pharisee interpretation, Overivew of the HHC books, What is a "cult"? Electing benefactors, Peter vs Marcus Aurelius, Marriage licenses, Membership in the Kingdom, Contact Ministers, How does HHC fit in, but not of this world.

7/25/09 [Normal quality] Living Network, Australia and New Zealand, Voting for Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God - defined, Modern Christianity, Usury, Christ's alternative, Holy Matrimony, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity, Love thy neighbor, Churches of Record, Actual vs Virtual Community, How to use the Network, Audacity of Hope, Living Stones.

8/1/09 [Normal quality] "His Holy Church", incorporation, Republic vs Democracy, Early Americans, Seeking the Kingdom, Constantine's church, Ambrose and Jerome, The Kingdom in AD Europe, True ministers of Service, Religion in the Kingdom, Taxes, Prayer, Do we need ministers?, forming Congregations of Record, Forgiveness, Salvation.

8/8/09 [Normal quality] - Must hear! gods many and their covenants, the lost sheep, where is the kingdom?, was Christ rich?, Levites, religion, Good Samaritans or Good Babylonians?, the US Constitution, strong delusion, invitation to Oregon September 2009], Abram's journey, caring for the needy, mutual assurance, early Rome and the Gospel, more on Contact Ministers, the Gospel today.

The Body of Christ vs. the Body of the State
Part 1 Click here. Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

The Body of Christ vs. the Body of the State
Part 2 Click here. Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..


Covenants, Contracts and Constitutions
CC1-1-C-8 CCC #1 The Snare
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC2-1-C-8 CCC #2 The Ways of Egypt
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC3-1-C-8 CCC #3 Party of the first part.
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC4-1-C-8 CCC #4 Of, for and by the People
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC5-1-C-8 CCC #5 Not Legally Ratified
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC6-1-C-8 CCC #6 Citizenship under gods
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC7-1-C-8 CCC #7 Thou shalt not Covet
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

CC8-1-C-8 CCC #8 Solution & Summary
Part 1 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..
Part 2 Click here Order CD's, Tapes, Mp3s, etc..

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